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Straight from Mother Nature, we offer garments that are healthy to wear and revolutionary to buy. We envision a new life for these materials, transforming them into refined, ethereal garments perfectly suited for luxurious fashion statements.

Jettru’s credo is to create exciting clothing from waste. We are committed to bringing sustainable design values to the fashion industry by redefining the idea of  ‘luxury’ clothing. Fashion industry no longer resides in creation of luxurious fabrics with cutting edge designs but is considering the new revolutionary road for extraordinary materials.

At Jettru we are turning waste into surprising new fabrics made from i.e. milk, oranges or even recycled plastic. Every year 1.6 billion tons of food is being thrown away. We turn some of that waste into useful luxurious designs made from by-products. 

Our clothes feel like silk, but they don’t impact the environment like other fabric’s production does. We combine timeless designs and the future of fashion for a more conscious and aware generation.

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