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Jettru’s credo is to create exciting clothing from extraordinary materials for those who want to go beyond the ordinary. We are committed to bringing sustainable design values to the fashion industry by redefining the idea of ‘luxury’ street clothing.

The Fashion industry no longer resides in creation of luxurious fabrics with cutting edge designs but is considering the new revolutionary road for extraordinary materials. It is one of our most important goals to allow every individual to express their identity by offering unique fabrics and designs that can translate into every style. At Jettru, we are concentrating on natural fabrics, such as silk and are also turning by-products into surprising new fabrics made from i.e. milk, oranges or even recycled plastic. We combine timeless designs and the future of fashion for a more conscious and aware generation. We offer garments that are healthy to wear and revolutionary to buy. We envision a new life for these materials, transforming them into refined, ethereal clothes perfectly suited for luxurious fashion statements. 

Jettru is modernity and innovation alongside reference to the world of street fashion. All our dresses can easily transition from the office to your favorite bar, so that you don’t have to rush home after work to change. Wether you pair our styles with a plain T- Shirt or a sharp blouse, everything will fit and flatter your body.


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